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The DigitalCorporation is being prepared for the reopening
with a new and great exhibition previewed for May
We have and we are finding amazing artists for our new fabulous plan
The applications as artists are opened if also you want to make part of the digitalcorp gone on the forum of the site of artgroup here… in order to make the application
for the artists instead soon you will come all qualified to the private sections of the forum where you will see the deadline and the other things that regard the new exhibition
the theme of the next exhibition will be: the dreams
therefore register yourself to our site in order supporting to us :D
Hey guys, sup!
Digitalcorp v3 is almost ready to open;
But i'm not satisfied yet, i wanna edit the homepage layout again since i got a cool idea in mind.
So stay tuned on here or on my page :iconheniaxart: to see every news about us!


Hey guys, sup!
Digitalcorp v3 is gonna open in some days, and you guys will be so happy (i hope so :P) to see how we changed everything!
Stay tuned on here or on my page :iconheniaxart: to see every news about us!


Last time we were talking about the next exhibition, that was named Dreams.
Well, after that a lot of artists left us 'cause of internal problems and activity problems.
But now the digitalcorp team is working again, and we are almost done with everything, from the website to the forum, and from re-contacting artists to start working for the exhibition.
So stay tuned and expect that digitalcorp will re-open by this month!

Chris, Digitalcorp's Founder.

:iconheniaxart: :iconsp33dfx:

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Message to all our artists: you can now start working on your submissions for our next art pack, named Dreams.
Title says all, i think.
For every question or problem come on the forum.
You can submit your works going here:…

Regards, DigitalCorp's Staff.

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